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Maybe you have a trouble about your files that have been deleted permanently, but suddenly you need it back. In this case, maybe you can not restore it from recycle bin directly. Because your files have been deleted permanently. So, how to get it back?. Recovery software is this answer.

Many data recovery softwares. In this case, I try to share to you about data restoration using Active@ Undelete from This software can be used for restore your files that have been deleted permanently. For example, I have a Microsoft Word document that named important_letter.docx (in drive D:). This file has been deleted permanently by me , but I still need it. In fact, I can get it back use Active Undelete software with following steps.
  1. You need to have Active Undelete. Download from
  2. Open it.

  3. Select Drive where you were deleted you files. For example I select Drive D:
  4. Select scanning methods. You can select “Simple Scan” to perform default scanning. It works fast and takes short time, but it has little chance to discover lost data. I suggest you to select “Advanced Scan”. It takes more time than Simple Scan, but it has greater chance to discover lost data.

  5. You can see your deleted files in grey color. For example, I have found my lost files (important_letter).
  6. Right click on your deleted file and click Recover File to recover the deleted file.
  7. Choose location for save the file. For example I choose drive C:. Click OK.
  8. And you get your deleted file back.

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