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Casio Exilim CA-01C Celular Phone
Casio Exilim CA-01C is a GSM mobile phone devices with touch screen and advanced camera features. The camera feature is not only capable of taking pictures with a 16.3 MP HD formats, but also is equipped with a CMOS camera sensor for image capture function better in the room with low light conditions. By taking the name "EXILIM", the camera features are made similar to the features that we usually encounter on a series of EXILIM digital cameras making it easier for the user to operate it.

One interesting feature found on the camera functions is the Auto Resize Zoom. With this feature when users zoom, the camera automatically reduces the size of the resulting image to maintain quality of the pictures taken. CASIO EXILIM sophistication CA-01C is not only that, the touch screen used by CASIO CA-01C also has supported the 3D feature that allows users to enjoy 3D movie content directly without having to use special glasses or other additional external devices.

For those of you who are interested to have it, you have to go to Japan because the device only be distributed directly by NTT DoCoMo in Japan.

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