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Vtech InnoTab - Interactive  Tablet for Children

Tablet PC not only for adult who need gadget for their business, but now there is a Tablet PC special for children. Vtech InnoTab is a interactive learning tablet PC designed for children. This tablet PC has many features for your children.

Vtech InnoTab has good apps for children learning activity such as learning games, app for improve creativity and more features about anything that support children's learning activity.

Vtech InnoTab is a touchpad device, now you don't give your tablet PC (iPad, GalaxyTab, HP Touchpad, etc) to your childrens , but give them Vtech InnoTab tablet. This tablet PC is suitable for children aged 3-9 years old. This tablet available in 2 colors, blue and pink. If you want to buy Vtech InnoTab tablet PC, you just need about $79 to buy this tablet PC.

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