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At this time I want to share to you about how to install Window 7 through USB flash disk. Maybe every computer technician knows the way to install windows operating system using USB flash disk. How about you?. If you don't know to do it please continue reading this tutorial.

Usually, every windows operating system can be installed through optical disc (both CD or DVD). Installing OS using CD or DVD is easy way because you can install OS with just insert CD/DVD into CD/DVD drive and configure the BIOS. So, what you can do to install operating if your optical drive was damaged or your CD/DVD of Windows OS cannot be read by your optical drive. This is minus value when you install OS through CD or DVD.

As alternative way, you can try to install windows operating system (Win7/vista/XP) through USB flash disk. Can we install windows using USB flash disk? Of course it can. But before you do that, you have to download a software that can help you to makes your USB flash disk bootable. So, with bootable USB you can start installation from USB flash disk. Beside that, you have to make sure your USB flash disk has big capacity (at least 4GB) to copy windows installation files into USB flash disk.

There are many software that can help you to makes bootable USB. For example, in this tutorial I used WinToFlash (you can download here) and I try to makes bootable Windows 7 USB flash disk. It's so easy to create bootable USB using Win To Flash. Below are step by step to make bootable USB flash disk to install Win 7.

#1. First, you have to insert Win7 DVD into DVD drive and insert your USB drive into USB socket. Run Win To Flash and click "Advanced mode" tab.

#2. On the "Task", please select operating system you want to install. In this case, I select "Transfer Windows Vista/2008/7 (x86/x64) setup to USB drive" because I want to install Vista x86 on my computer. If you want to install other OS such as Windows XP or 2003, you can select XP.
#3. Click "Run" button and wait progress until finished.

Your USB drive is ready to be used to install Win7 on your computer. You have to configure BIOS to makes computer boot from USB-HDD. I hope my tutorial about the way to install Win7/Vista/XP x86/x64 through USB Flash Disk drive can be useful.

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