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Opera Mini is a famous mobile web browser. I and my friends always use it to browse internet on our gadgets. Now, Opera Mini 7 is the latest version. I was used this browser since few years ago (since Opera Mini 3). Opera Mini grows quickly and it's used by many users around the world.

opera mini logo

One difference between Opera Mini and other browsers. Opera Mini support many mobile devices. It supports Symbian S60, BlackBerry, Android phones, and Apple products such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. Opera Mini 7 (the latest version) is easy to use. It has tab feature like PC web browsers. So, you can browse many websites at the same time. It also has good look and I feel it more faster than previous versions. Okay, for you who looking for Opera Mini 7, now you can download for your gadgets.

Opera Mini 7 for Symbian S60
Opera Mini 7 for Symbian S60 2nd Edition
Opera Mini 7 for BlackBerry
Opera Mini 7 for Android
Opera Mini 7 for iPhone
Opera Mini 7 for iPad
Opera Mini 7 for iPod

I hope this Opera Mini version can run on your gadgets normally.

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